The team of Nefratech EDM-Center

The Nefratech team likes a firm, sparking challenge. As professional fanatics we are very keen to face them! It doesn’t matter whether it is so-called ‘impossible’ or demanding assignments, or that it is very meticulous work, or even very strenuous or heavy …
Just challenge these sturdy ‘Nefratechers’ if you like. We guarantee that their passion for the trade will pass over to you, like a spark!

If you are working with Nefratech EDM-Center – or are going to – you will always speak to our team members straight away. Because that’s what we prefer: short lines and clear communication without unnecessary fringes. That is pleasant for you as well as for us. So, if you have a question, you will never have to wait for an answer long. Also quite convenient! During the production, our team members act as flexibly as possible and think along with you actively as well as pro-actively. Simply because they picture the same end goal: a beautiful product.

We are talking about the ‘team of Nefratech‘ here, but who are those men working in the production hall?! Nefratech EDM-Center introduces this ultimate, sturdy team to you…

Are you a technical student? Would you like to gain some practical experience at our company? Would you like to learn from the best professionals in the world of EDM? Are you looking for traineeship placement? Then by all means contact us today!

Sven Stoffelen, general manager productie

Team: management


Team: general manager

Nefratech EDM-Center is a recognised training company for different technical educations in the Netherlands and Belgium, such as the Technical University in Eindhoven, Gilde Educations and Summa College Eindhoven.