EDM wire cutting: 4-axle, 5-axle simultaneous and 8-axle prepared

EDM wire cutting: 4-axle, 5-axle simultaneous and 8-axle prepared


The fastest supplier of spark erosion products within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, is based in the Euregion, at the center of the province of Limburg. Not only do we deliver quickly: Nefratech EDM-Center also offers the promise of extreme accuracy!

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EDM wire cutting and EDM machining

Are you looking for a high-tech company for EDM wire cutting; 4-axle, 5-axle simultaneously, or 8-axle (prepared)? This is what you get at Nefratech EDM-Center:

  • A professional company.
  • Undivided attention to you and your product.
  • Maximum flexibility in addition to accuracy.
  • Professional knowledge and more than 30 years of practical experience.
  • Direct lines and clear communication.

By having fulfilled these promises for more than 30 years, Nefratech EDM-Center has grown into a maximally service-oriented, Euregional sparring partner for the design, development, and also production of wire EDM – and EDM-machining products.

Nefratech EDM-Center manufactures products of conductive metals by means of EDM (4-axle, 5-axle simultaneously, and also 8-axle prepared) from a few millimeters – and since 2019 – also products up to three tonnes and a thickness of 800 mm!

With the 8-axle SODICK AG600L premium linear controlled wire EDM machine, we are ready to also realize 8-axle products in the future. If you are already interested, then we would like to start this up in advance and in consultation!

5-axle simultaneous EDM wire cutting

5-axle simultaneous EDM wire cutting has even been our specialty since the year 2000…! In one single clamping, we can realize complex EDM products. This saves time, money and limits error margins. 

“At Nefratech EDM-Center, extreme accuracy goes hand-in-hand with the fastest possible delivery time! Confirmed by our clients!"

Frank Lenaers
Managing Director

vonkverspanen, vonkverspaning, Nefratech EDM Center


Nefratech EDM-Center guarantees:

EDM wire cutting and EDM machining at TOP-level, with a TOP-team!

The ‘Nefratechers’ are directly involved with every assignment and client. The team autonomously executes every order from beginning to end.
During the production process, they will contact you personally; without beating about the bush and with to-the-point questions and advice. Because we believe that clarity improves the quality. In practice, we increasingly more often experience that these direct lines, in combination with clear language, are beneficial to the production speed and the end result! And that is what technicians fancy: clear language. Speed and a technically sound product.

You can get to know our team via this link.

Team Nefratech EDM Center Weert

All conductive materials

All types of conductive materials are processed at Nefratech EDM-Center.
We produce simple up to very complex semi-finished products, intended for the industry and high-tech companies.

Ever since 1998, Nefratech EDM-Center has been serving many regular customers, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. These clients confirm that Nefratech EDM-Center offers the highest accuracy with the shortest lead time.

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