Monitoring of EDM products

A keen eye for every micrometre

The monitoring of our EDM products takes place during the machining process already. Throughout the EDM wire cutting process, we meticulously measure and check a workpiece for tolerances.
This continuous check makes a significant difference.

We make use of advance measuring equipment for this that enables us to measure to 0.001 millimetre. Possible discrepancies can thus quickly be detected. As a result, we only deliver products that fall within the pre-defined tolerances.

But: we are no saints. That is why we will not claim that there will never be deviations or that we never make mistakes. We want to be very transparent regarding this; it does happen occasionally. In case of any discrepancies that do not fall within the set tolerances, we will contact you. We do guarantee that we will solve it. And let us stress once again: solve it at any rate!’ We will do anything to keep our customers satisfied to confirm our reputation of ‘being reliable’ again and again!

See also: measuring equipment.

Do you have specific purification requirements, like GRADE-2 Cleanliness , then contact the Nefratech EDM-Center for specialised advice.

"We will only state that a workpiece is ‘finished’ when it has been additionally measured to 0.001 millimetres during the final check."

Frank Lenaers, draadvonken, zinkvonken, draadvonker, zinkvonker, directeur Nefratech EDM-Center
Frank Lenaers

Inspection during and after the EDM-drilling

In addition to a quite advanced and unique machine park, Nefratech EDM-Center can dispose of a 3D-precision measuring machine and an optical measuring bridge. 

Read more about wire EDM or EDM machining (in Dutch).

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Hexagon Optiv Classic 322

Hexagon Optiv Classic 322

The Hexagon Optiv Classic 322 is intended for optical measurements. Measuring can be done very quickly and very accurately by means of optical measurement. The measuring software is PC-DMIS Vision. This Hexagon is applied for versatile geometry measurements and GD&T-analysis.

Meetkamer, controle vonkproducten, draadvonken, zinkvonken, Nefratech EDM-Center
Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M574

Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M574

By use of the Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M574, we meticulously check the end product to a few thousandths of millimeters on all sides. As such, you can always be assured of a ‘strictly’ measured EDM product.

Meetkamer, controle vonkproducten, draadvonken, zinkvonken, Nefratech EDM-Center
Measuring chamber Nefratech EDM-Center